When Words Move Like Waves

by Kickbox

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released August 5, 2015



all rights reserved


Kickbox Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Misfortune
My blood is boiling quick through this vessel of my veins.
You took all that you wanted and left me with a tainted name.
You act like you're a saint but you're just the same to me.
I've heard words could hurt like hell. I just hope you feel the pain.

I don't see your so-called good intensions.
I guess they're misdirected.
You've got the nerve to then act like it never happened.
You claim it's all misfortune.

It's like you love to see me fail, and I don't quite take that well.
Nothing makes me angrier than knowing you'll never be real.
It festers inside me in my head and in my chest.
It's fucking with my judgment, yet I'm unapologetic of it.

You say it's hard to see me miserable.
Just imagine how I feel...
Track Name: Calcium
Looks like I'm stuck behind a car crash going north on 55
Though I know that I've been saved, I know some day I'll die.
But if God just saves the sinners, then there's no safe place to hide
From this hell that I've been living in for my life.

If what you want is honesty, then where the fuck have you been for the past three years?
I've been changing. I'm not stable like you want me to be.
What makes you think you know me when you never cared about me?
For once in my life I wish for things to stay.

I know this body breaks. It's not ensured to mend.
and I know that which had designed me must have made me to face an end.

You've got no right to call me selfish. Unless you know you've never been.
And all this control that you think we have, well it's not in our hands.

I guess it's futile of us all...
Avoid the Blame. And Look for Fault.
Track Name: Sidelines
I need some help.
Cause there's an emptiness inside my chest that I have never felt.
It feels like these bonds were just made to be broke and I just can't fix them now.

I can't stand it.
I thought I had more worth than what you took me for.
You bandit.
You took everything that I had and then you walked away.

(I was kind of hoping that you'd stay.)

What hurts the most is I took the time it made me feel like I wouldn't be so alone when this was over. You took the fall. I had my reasons. A cautious eye is something that I need in hindsight.

You said you'd never let me down, but you still did.

and I'm dealing with the mess of it.
Somewhere deep inside I think I knew that you were wrong.
In fact, I knew it all along.
I always knew that you were wrong.

While you're on the sidelines, I held my convictions.
While they filled their heads up with deadly addictions.
I can't explain cause I don't understand it.
My heart was pierced by the words that you brandished.
Track Name: Cure
Will you stay here when the summer loses heat?
When the leaves all turn from green to red?
We suffer from a lack of sleep and you hate my self esteem.
Would you rather be with him instead?

Do you hate what I've become?
Because I've been this all along.

I still think about it sometimes
If you love to fuck with my mind
Cause I can start to feel it underneath my skin.
And I don't know right from wrong.
I feel the pressure of it all.
Do you know what it's like to pair the demons you've been fighting on your own?

And when we mess this up will we still have our memories.
I want them gone.
I hate it now.
Victims of atrophy.
Why are you choking up when I need space to breathe?
It's just not cut out for me.
The truth, the cure, the harmony.

I hear the breathing of the walls.
Do you know what it's like to face the demons you've been hiding on your own?

It's so hard to think there's beauty in this world, but you remind me everyday.
Happiness is something I can't really take, cause what you give you take away.